Wikom Furniture was founded in 2012 (China mainland) . Our furniture factory specializes in the designing, manufacturing and engineering of chairs for hotel, wedding and events, integrating with other related industries in the market of China and all over the world. Now we have two branch furniture factories, three subsidiary companies and six offices, covering an area of 20,000 square meters with over 150 employees, we have already became one of famous China furniture manufacturers with large scale and great ability in production in the field of wood furniture.

China hotel chair is still popular with hotel project purchaser in many countries because of the best quality and price. Continuously we make adaptation to the wood furniture market’s constant development to reflect through our detailed furniture product designs, using only the best raw materials, skilled production and functionality, in addition to offering very competetive prices.

The principle of taking an individual approach to serving each customer allows us to locate the very best solutions for our customers. Accuracy, quality, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction are among our top goals.

All of above principles share the common concern for the protection of nature; the manufacturing processes use environmentally sound materials and closed technologies. Our goal is to provide satisfaction to all business entities, meet requirements while staying in compliance with shareholders,employees, business partners, and more. Our vision is to create a successful and well established company that will carry out top quality service.

Our Factory Show


Welding is the main process of making a metal chair after cutting steel material in our factory. The welding process is handling by our experienced colleagues who has good skill to make it perfect with good shape and accurate size. This can take long time and hard working, it determine the quality of a whole chair. The picture shows our colleague is welding the round back of stainless steel dining chair.

The leg of a stainless dining chair has special and beautiful shape. However, It is not easy to control the shape and size when welding because of its complicated structure. It need special care when welding it and need many years experience to finish it well. The picture shows our colleague is welding the leg of stainless steel dining chair.

To make metal chair with good surface for looking and touching, our worker will polish the welding point or modify some distorted parts after welding process. This can take long time based on worker’s experience. He should focus on it and take ever chairs as an precious art. As the picture shows, here our colleague is polishing a stainless steel butterfly chair trying to make it perfect for our customers.

We also make stainless stell tables in our factory. They have same processes such as cutting material, welding, polishing, coating and drying. Tables have big size and with different special designs. Except some classic simple designs, most of tables need be customized. And the time will need more. The picture showing some parts of tables waiting to be assembled for our customers.

The wood boards which will be used inside dining chairs seat. All of those wood boards are high quality, durable and long lasting. Good board wil make the seat comfortable and not distorted easily.

These are sponges using for the chair seat in our factory. They has high density and high elastic which can be long lasting for the shape.

Chiavari chairs are always made by metal or aluminium alloy. For metal chair, the producing process includes cutting material, machining the bamboo joint shape, drilling holes, assembling, welding, polishing, paint spraying and drying. When for aluminium alloy chair, paint spraying will replaced by electric plating.  Making a chiavari chair is more complicated and every process should be finished well to get a good quality chair.

Some parts of chiavari chair waiting for the next process in our factory.

The resin chairs are made by injection machine. First we have designed and made the injection mold. Then we assemble mold to machine while we puting high quality PC material to it. After the shape is formed,  take it out, drying it by air after assembled. We have best mold designing team and technical to make sure every mold is perfect to moulding a chair. Besides, all resin material are imported to make sure resin chairs high quality.

Our Wearhouse Show