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Furniture can turn the overall ambiance of your room. You have reached the right platform to buy premium furniture for your home and office. At Wikom Furniture, we are one of the table and chair manufacturers, and our goal is to ensure both aesthetics and functionality with every product.

As we understand the tastes of modern consumers, we can easily design the most amazing chairs and tables. Our company is known for manufacturing plastic chairs, metal chairs, wooden tables, and other furnishings. Our sturdy and well-designed chairs have a lightweight design, and you will not feel bulky while moving them from one place to another. As a reliable chair supplier and manufacturer, our team gives high importance to materials, designs, comfort, longevity, features, and price.

Your one-time investment in our chairs and tables will give you long-term value.

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Buy custom chairs from the best manufacturers

We have chairs of a myriad of styles to serve different purposes.

Wedding chairs

Our wedding chairs have a royal touch and cushioned seats to ensure comfort to brides and grooms. These chairs look different from standard chairs and have an intricate design. The curved, polished frames add beauty to the chairs.

Banquet chairs

To greet everyone in the banquet hall, you can buy a bulk pack of banquet chairs. Our contemporary-style banquet chairs will beautify the hall. These chairs are foldable and easily stackable, and they have a lightweight design.

Chiavari chairs

Our sturdy, wooden Chiavari chairs can serve different purposes. You can transform the ambiance of your dining room with a set of Chiavari chairs.

Napoleon chairs

Our Napoleon chairs are best used as wedding chairs. You can use these contemporary and fabulous chairs both outdoors and indoors. There are complicated details on the backrest of the chair.

Church chairs

We have a stock of easy-to-maintain, durable chairs for public spaces, like churches. Our team knows about the church-style seating arrangements and designs the best chairs to fit the space.

Bar chairs

Our bar chairs have footrests and have a resilient design. You may also choose these chairs for any restaurant. Entertain your guests with the most comfortable seats.

Our chairs with unparalleled quality

At Wikom Furniture, we are highly careful while choosing the raw materials needed for manufacturing chairs. Our metal, wood, and plastic chairs company is highly compliant with industry standards. Thus, you will find no flaw in our furniture sets. Our furniture needs minimal maintenance to keep up the original look. Our aesthetically pleasing chairs can match almost any home décor. Available in trendy designs, our chairs and tables are easy to install and can serve both corporate and residential purposes. Moreover, we apply premium finish over our chairs to ensure lasting beauty. 

We are ready to receive bulk orders of chairs and tables. For instance, you can clear acrylic chairs wholesale for any big event. You can make a cost-effective deal at Wikom Furniture.

White Princess Armless Chair


Our furniture-grade PVC is UV resistant, and it does not lose its color for your outdoor use. Buy the best products from our PVC chairs manufacturers.

Clear Stacking Princess Chair


Renovate your interior with our acrylic furniture. Our transparent acrylic chairs will look highly attractive with any modern interior setup.

High Back Wedding Chairs

Stainless steel furniture

With a slightly higher budget, you can invest in stainless steel furniture. The highly polished stainless steel frames will not have corrosion problems.

Napoleon Chair for Wholesale


You can purchase wooden armchairs, wooden tables, and other furnishings for your home and office. Our company always uses premium-quality, highly engineered woods.

Learn Chairs Factory And Manufacturing

From plush sofas to transparent plastic chairs, everything is available in our collection. We know that these furnishings play an important role in your home decors. Our highly elegant and comfortable chairs have an immense utilitarian value. You can buy furniture for your living room, drawing room, dining room, and bedroom. To elevate the aesthetic level of the space, you can invest in our furniture. You will get a range of color, design, and style options.

Chairs and tables are the best accents for your home. While designing our furniture, we integrate a number of traits- easily cleanable, weather-resistant, space-friendly, and lightweight.

Buy chairs for your hotels

You can find spellbindingly stylish furniture in our collection. Our intricately designed plastic, wooden, and metal chairs can give your guests unmatched comfort. Our engineers and designers have beautifully blended beauty with utility. Made of solid wood, premium metal, and several other materials, our chairs and tables have an appealing look and high durability. Our specialty lies in designing custom furniture. You can buy the dream furniture for your hotel from this platform. Make an affordable deal with our metal and acrylic furniture wholesalers. You will get furnishings that match the interior decors of your hotel.

What Makes Wikom Furniture unique?

Quality Furniture

Consistency in quality is the major reason behind our success. We know that it is not always easy for customers to identify the quality. However, our team always educates customers to let them select the best products for their needs. Our company has employed highly trained and qualified furniture manufacturers who pay attention to every detail while designing the chairs and tables. Our team is diligent and strives hard to manufacture modern chairs, sofa, and tables. Every time we design a chair, we test its quality.

Affordable Price

We know that every customer has a different budget. However, our goal is to provide you with budget-friendly chairs without compromising quality. We try to keep our price rates lower than our competitors’ products. You can make a bigger deal with us to make the price more affordable. We have become one of the leading metal and acrylic furniture wholesalers. Our reasonably priced furniture can be chosen for both indoor and outdoor uses. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We encourage our customers to suggest us in designing better furniture.

Reliable customer service

Our team comprises not only chair manufacturers but also sales advisors. We can provide you with the best guidance on choosing the right furniture for your purpose. Our well-trained team will learn about your needs and find the best product. Moreover, when you have any issue with your deal, our customer service providers will serve you best. Send us your queries and get our response within the shortest time.

Faster shipping and proper packaging

You can place your bulk order for chairs and tables. At Wikom Furniture, our team will take the best step to ship your products fast. We are known for faster delivery of every order placed on this platform. Moreover, we pay much attention to the packaging of our furniture. Due to our proper protective packaging with bubble wraps and foams, your furniture will have no scratch marks. You will receive your furniture in its original condition.


Our chair manufacturers have designed highly attractive stainless steel chairs that can be used in both private and public spaces. Moreover, there are several reasons for choosing stainless steel chairs.

  • High strength

One of the major qualities of stainless steel chairs is durability. These chairs are more resilient than the wooden ones. Stainless steel dining tables and chairs also have an elegant design that matches modern decors.

  • Corrosion-resistant

Low-quality steel can rust over time. But, we use high-grade stainless steel with unmatched quality. There is no risk of rust, corrosion, discoloration, and other damages.

  • Heat-resistant

Our stainless steel furniture is resistant to heat, and you will not find this quality in wood and other furnishings. Heat does not cause warping problems to your furniture.

  • Versatile

From the aesthetic viewpoint, stainless steel can be a versatile one, and you can choose it for your contemporary household furniture. Although there is no color option, stainless steel models can brighten up the overall atmosphere.

  • Low maintenance

You do not need the effort to polish, wipe, and sanitize your stainless steel chairs. Minimal maintenance will help in retaining the luster of your chairs.

Our ghost chair manufacturer designs the special chair by injecting polycarbonate. There are no seams and junctions in the ghost chairs. As these chairs have no colors, they are referred to as ghost chairs. The ghost chair style is easily identifiable with its straight legs and oval back. It is a scratch-resistant chair with a modern touch. You can install it in different places in your house. Most commonly, homeowners like to place ghost chairs in their living rooms. Due to their simplicity, these chairs also look best in your dining space. A room with dark walls and transparent chairs can create a perfect balance.

Some modern offices with white walls also have these ghost chairs to avoid a clustered setup. When your office lacks style, you can add fashion with these ghost chairs. Thus, place an order for ghost chairs wholesale and buy them at the most reasonable price.

Nowadays, professional interior designers like to choose clear Chiavari chairs for weddings to beautify the party venue. These clear, transparent wedding chairs can be a part of your wedding seating decors. Moreover, they can seamlessly merge to the overall indoor venue setup. The ghost chairs do not interfere with the theme of your wedding party. You may also decorate your Chiavari ghost chairs with tassels, flowers, ribbons, and other elements. The colorless chairs reflect light and add glam to the overall atmosphere. Our clear Chiavari chairs wholesale is available at the best price.

Wikom Furniture is the best plastic chairs factory, where our manufacturers design different types of plastic chairs. We also design highly durable polypropylene chairs. However, there are some reasons behind the durability of polypropylene chairs. Our polypropylene chair manufacturers blend polypropylene with fiberglass to design the frame. Polypropylene is a lightweight material resistant to chemicals and heat. Moreover, fiberglass has high tensile strength and corrosion-resistant capacity. That is why the combination of these materials creates a long-lasting chair. We also add UV protection additives to the chairs to make them usable for outdoor purposes. Thus, to buy plastic chairs and tables wholesale, you can rely on Wikom Furniture. 

When you celebrate BBQs and small parties at the outdoor sites, you can invest in folding chairs. Moreover, some restaurants have outdoor dining spaces where they can install these chairs for guests. Folding chairs are best when you need temporary seating arrangements.

As the best plastic chairs company, we ensure that our chairs are

Unbreakable- We have used high-grade plastics to design the furniture.

Resistant to environmental elements- Buy our plastic chairs in bulk and place them in your patios and backyard. Cold and sunlight will never affect them.

o   Resistant to termites- Our plastic tables and chairs cannot be damaged by termites.

Resistant to rust- There will be no rust due to the contact with moisture.

You can buy seat cushions from our site to make them more ergonomic. Properly designed seats with cushions prevent fatigue and pain. You may reduce pressure on your tailbone and hips. Although it is a plastic chair, you can add a cushion. 

Our highly versatile manufacturers have designed high-quality TV cabinets, which are essential for a modern living room. Our vintage-style TV cabinets are made of premium wood. Our elegant cabinet can be a part of your home décor. Based on the current trends, we design the cabinets. Moreover, we integrate some small storage units into the cabinets. You can store your books and DVDs in the built-in storage systems.